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Finance Is Cool is the best way for millennials to learn about money. From credit scores to cryptocurrencies, this course is the ultimate gateway to getting Black Card Rich.

This comprehensive course addresses the basics of money and investing. With a pop culture twist, Finance Is Cool helps the young and broke take the fear out of money and get rich.

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First- let’s break down the money narratives that control your life and rewrite them so you can be in control of your finances. Then let’s go over some practical guidance to understand and manage different types of debt, the 5-steps to a sexy credit score and why top-notch credit history is imperative for financial stability.

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Once you’re clear on these fundamentals, we’ll dive into the basics of investing, which for most can be very intimidating. Using pop culture analogies and lots of humor, we break down the investment strategies financial professionals use to grow wealth. Between stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and cryptocurrencies, there’s a lot to choose from when building your investment portfolio. After leaving this course you’ll be familiar with them all.

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W-T-Finances is financial literacy and advice for millennials looking to get their money right; using edgy humour, punchy visuals, and the occasional rap lyric for emphasis. Founded by mindful money coach and credit score expert Chantel Chapman, W-T-Finances is backed by science-based research in addiction and behaviour to explore how consumerism and mental health are linked to money problems. If you properly diagnose the issue, the prescription becomes obvious.

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Mrs. Dow Jones is a millennial finance blog based in NYC. Founded by Haley Sacks, it’s gained a cult-following online with it’s signature pop-culture twist. From cryptos to market trends, Mrs. Dow Jones seamlessly increases financial literacy by using language millennials actually understand. Forget Keeping Up with the Kardashians, after hearing Mrs. Dow Jones speak you’ll want to Keep Up with the Dow Joneses.

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For schools, and corporations. Get rich or buy tryin’ and book us for an event, group or corporate coaching to level up your finances.

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